Why do we love carpet?

For decades, homeowners have preferred carpet flooring. Something about the velvety texture underfoot and the comfortable warmth makes a house feel more like a home. This iconic floor covering is available in every color and design imaginable. When you shop at Dubai carpet, you can get high-quality carpeting and installation services at an inexpensive price. We provide the ideal floor coverings for Boise and Treasure Valley homes and businesses, as well as exceptional service.

Carpets are popular for several reasons. There are numerous advantages to choosing this flooring material, including its high value compared to other flooring options and long-lasting durability. Homeowners in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, and Eagle will find this an excellent investment for a variety of house regions and rooms. Based on foot traffic in your home and a few other wear indicators, you can estimate long-term use. Carpet is generally suitable for spaces with little to no dampness. Bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms are the most common spaces to use carpet.

Interior designers and consumers regard carpet as one of the most effective instruments for creating great home decor. There are hundreds of colors and patterns to suit different styles and budgets. Texture is also important in determining how carpet will fit into a given room design. Shag has a laid back appeal that complements both old and modern styles. Wool carpeting is an exquisite option for bedrooms. A frieze pile carpet in a bright hue works well in dens and home offices. The design possibilities are nearly unlimited. You may even find “green” carpets for environmentally conscious homeowners. Manufacturers commonly use recycled materials or natural fibers like jute grass or solution-dyed polyester to create green carpets. When searching for “green” flooring materials, look for the green label stamp.

Caring for your new carpeted floors is straightforward. Vacuuming your carpets once a week can help prevent dirt from penetrating the fibers too deeply. If your home experiences a lot of traffic, consider vacuuming more frequently. Additionally, it can remove any trapped pollen, dander, or dust on the carpet’s surface, facilitating easier indoor breathing. You should have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to remove any embedded filth in the fibers. It also meets the conditions for your manufacturer’s warranty. This can also be a simple treatment for stains or odors that may persist. Some carpets have undergone stain-resistant chemical treatments. These carpets can make cleaning easier and help your floors last longer.

Installation of this floor covering is also straightforward. Carpet is available in both tiles and 12-foot roll items. Before installation, you must cut the rolls, and it is preferable to approach it as a single enormous sewing effort. Carpet tiles are more commonly used in commercial settings because they can be laid out in a grid pattern in any room of your choosing. Installing a good, high-quality pad beneath the carpet flooring enhances comfort and provides protection against subfloor scraping and dampness. A decent carpet pad simply helps your carpet feel better and is worth the extra cost. 


The flooring professionals at Dubai carpets will guide you through the process and make the transition to your new carpeting as seamless as possible. Before installing carpet, consider the amount of foot traffic, exposure to sunshine, and presence of pets to determine the ideal places to utilize it.

Ordering new carpet flooring from Dubai Flooring and Interiors is simple. Please visit our showroom of carpets in Dubai. Improve your home today with high-quality carpet goods and installations.

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