Saving Money on Gadgets: Tips And Tricks For Buying Cheap Electrical Items In The UAE

Times are tough for businesses in 2023. Inflation continues to ravage many economies around the world, while companies remain cash-strapped for various other reasons. Knowing how to shop for cheap electrical items in the UAE will bring down your expenditure, expanding those profit margins and freeing up financial resources for other important purchases, such as expanding your business. If you’ve long asked yourself “How can I save money on gadgets,” we have plenty of recommendations that will help you make the most out of every cent without having to settle for lesser quality. Check out our full assortment of tips and tricks to ensure more money stays in your pocket than it goes out.

Go for an older model

Whenever people want to buy industrial equipment, the temptation is to go for newer models that boast the latest features. It’s understandable why that is so because modern-day iterations are trendy and in keeping with technologies of the day, which may bring additional functionalities to the workflow. 

But these newer models tend to be quite pricey compared to older models.  You need to weigh your options carefully to determine if an older model can do the job just as well as the latest version, albeit without the fancy extra features. 

Some newer models can have over-the-top features you don’t really need for your workflow that can inflate the price tag considerably. As long as an older model can get the job done without hampering productivity, I say go for it. Keep functionality and primary work objectives in mind over elaborate features that may serve little to no additional purpose. 

Shoot for multi-functional equipment 

Do you want to find cheap construction equipment without breaking the bank? Then you need to try and hit two birds with one stone. For instance, if own a woodworking workshop you may need separate electrical tools to perform various tasks like:

  • Cross-cutting
  • Surface planning
  • Sawing
  • Rabbeting and so on

If you went ahead and bought tools for each of these jobs, you would have to pay separate purchase prices for each. The cumulative expenditure would be higher than if you were to simply purchase multi-functional equipment. 

These types of machinery combine different functionalities, usually for a much smaller cash outlay than the sum of individual equipment. Additionally, multi-functional electrical tools also allow you to store everything in one place for greater accessibility and fewer chances of misplacement or loss. 

Get your timings right

Time can also have a huge impact on the price of electrical items. For example, if you shop around holidays such as Thanksgiving or Black Friday, you’re bound to score great deals compared to other times of the year. 

The same also applies to special promotions so press your eye to the ground to determine when companies are having sales. Monitoring manufacturers and popular UEA industrial marketplaces is one way to stay on top of the latest deals and therefore save money. 

As an example, online UAE industrial marketplaces such as Industbay regularly offer incentives and coupons to their customer base. While they don’t currently have a promotion running, they make up a few companies worth keeping an eye on if you want to buy high-quality electrical items in the UAE at low prices. 

Prioritize energy-saving features 

When you’re buying electrical items, it’s in your company’s best interest to consider the energy-saving features of appliances. For example, if you’re looking to buy an electrical dishwasher for your restaurant, think about features such as: 

  • Energy-saver or eco modes
  • No-heat, air-dry options 
  • Ability to use solar power and so on

Of course, these features vary from one device and model to the next, but the point is to always go with electrical items with energy star ratings. These have been proven energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

While the purchase cost of an energy-saving device can be a little higher, they offer tremendous utility bill savings that will offset the capital in the long run, making them a more affordable long-term solution.  

Ask to buy display models

If you’re shopping in person for electrical items, ask to buy display or floor models. These are the devices that serve as exhibitions for customers, with stores using them to demonstrate features or how products work. 

For the most part, stores usually offer these floor models for sale at the customer’s request. You can get them at a fraction of the expense that you would buy a new, unboxed item.  It’s a great strategy for saving money, without having to resort to a refurbished or older model.

Of course, we must point out that these models will have experienced quite a bit of wear and tear. But it’s a small price to pay, so to speak, if the gadget still works as well as would be the case with a brand-new device. 

Extensively explore your options 

Don’t just stop at one online marketplace when buying your electrical items. Sample at least 5 options as you diversify your sources to get a better view of the land. Even if a deal on one platform sounds great, keep on looking until you exhaust your sources because you might just get an even better deal.

Be sure to also try to connect to sellers of electrical gadgets directly if you’re going to be shopping online. Middle persons or organizations add extra charges to goods so you end up buying at inflated prices. 

Shopping at platforms that allow for direct buyer-to-seller relationships such as Industbay can help you cut out these extra charges. By going right to the source, be that a manufacturer or an individual seller, you’re more likely to enjoy: 

  • Wholesale prices
  • Larger discounts
  • More wiggle room in terms of haggling 
  • Faster turnaround

Save money with Industbay!

Are you tired of having to pay huge money for the latest industrial gadgets and electrical items? If you’ve said enough is enough and want a place that offers cheap electrical items in the UAE, you should start by shopping at the right places. Consider the Industbay platform, which links sellers and buyers of all types of electrical equipment. Find energy-efficient equipment that will lower your utility bills and purchase second-hand equipment that is still in great shape. Visit the Industry website to score the best deals on cheap electrical gadgets.

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