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On the plus side, it does make this pitchfork easier to hang in your shed. This feature enhances comfort and makes handling the tool a ifc markets review little less daunting. Superior quality also pairs with an attractive price tag, making the Ames the best pitchfork for most gardeners.

  1. Indeed, the pitchfork impresses with four diamond-pointed steel tines designed specifically for easy soil penetration.
  2. Garden forks are also ideal for breaking up tough soil or turning compost and manure piles.
  3. Look for tines that are tightly connected to the handle, as well as a sturdy handle that won’t break under pressure.
  4. The handle is plastic and features a two-position grip, allowing the user to use different hand positions for a variety of digging applications.
  5. You can use the tine to clean up storm debris if you live somewhere that needs to deal with this kind of thing more often than you’d like.
  6. The metal D-handle also has a protective finish in the form of green enamel.

This model is more compact and lacks the sides, a design that not only makes it suitable to pick up manure, but that also lets you move leaves, hay, straw, and other vegetal material. Boasting 17 tines and fairly wide, it can help you get over all your stable chores in no time. There is approximately half-inch of space between the tines, which means that you can also pick up small stuff.

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However, the slim profile might come as a downside too, as the fork won’t be able to pick up the smaller bits of manure due to a too wide distance between the tines. interactive brokers Nevertheless, it’s a great tool to move soiled hay, some straw, or turn the compost. It’s also strong enough to help you aerate the ground or dig out potatoes.

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Indeed, it does an exceptional job of keeping your wrist in a neutral position, reducing the risk of strains. Getting to the heart of the matter, the four tines are incredibly strong and durable. Their sharpness makes it easy to penetrate the ground, while the powder coating adds resistance to elements and rust. No serious gardener can go without a good weeding tool, so be sure to check out our selection of the best ones on the market. The Little Giant Red Stable Fork comes as a versatile alternative to the fine tine fork by Dover Saddlery.

rue Temper 2812200 4-Tine Spading Pitchfork

You can employ it for quick transplants, flipping compost, moving manure, digging new flower beds, and even loosening difficult ground. Ready to go through years of abuse, this pitchfork is also a breeze to care for. Just clean it with the garden hose, coat the head with some silicone spray, and you’re ready to go. Obviously, the choice of fiberglass instead of wood also trims off some weight, while the two-inch forged head features a rivet connection for strength. The head of the fork presents 5 heavy-duty tines that are strong enough to dig through the tougher ground and that can seamlessly pick up most loose materials.

It’s also got an extra-wide forward step for easy foot leverage on deep digging. General-purpose fork – The most versatile type of garden fork, the general-purpose just2trade review pitchfork can have anywhere between four and 10 or more tines. It’s designed to lift and move most kinds of messes, from manure to dead leaves, mulch, and compost.

Another Truper pitchfork that has made it to our list is the Pro Manure Fork. It’s similar to the Tru Pro up to an extent but comes with a few differences that make it more comfortable to handle. The main difference between the two models is the professional-grade fiberglass handle with soft cushion grip on this fork.

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